Arctic Games and NORDSKEN in Skellefteå!

To keep busy with the events and travelling the third and final event in May 2022 was Arctic Game 2022 and the role-play / cosplay event Nordsken in Skellefteå in Norther Sweden. Nordsken is a legend and largest onsite consumer games event in Sweden, but Arctic Games is a relatively new comer what comes to the business events, it’s the 5th year it was organised and two of those were only online during the pandemic.

Arto from the Team Apprien was brave enough to take the trip into the middle of now where in the Swedish tundra and meet the nordic developers! Also participated the Umeå guys, Turborilla, Mad Skill Motorcycles game 3 year party. Some 15 pre-set meetings and some tens of ad hoc meetings where set during the short two day trip and we made a lot of new friends of Apprien (thanks GTR guys from Germany) and old friends from Zordix, Turborilla and Raw Fury + Level8. Now we will take summer bit easier on travelling and pack our yellow hoodies again on August to participate GamesCom in Cologne in Germany!