Apprien and PHZ Game Studios in PGC London 2022

The team Apprien and PHZ Game Studios packed their luggages and roll-ups in a very long time and headed to the old mery London for the Pocket Games Connect 2022 event. It was a long anticipated return to our favourite event, which has always treated us good and we have had many successful cases to bring home from London in previous years.

This time our team: Arto, Antti and Jesse were especially exited to show the PHZ Game Studios new game Castle Wars (iOS and Android) to the public and conveniently the game was launched (with our partner PlugInDigital, PiD)  just couple of weeks after the event, so the people at the event got real treat and fresh out of the oven type of experience of the game!

We had again busy days filled with meetings (approximately 75 scheduled meetings + random meetings) and fantastic evening with our traditional Apprien first day get together in restaurant Finch´s where approximately 70 of our friends came to meet our team and enjoying few pints after the first day. All and all the event was successful and we had again many follow up cases to bring home. Also, we noticed that the game industry business events are slowly but surely getting back to ordinary and people are enjoying to meet each other also in physical space. Next events that we are planning to join are GDC 2022 in San Francisco and Nordic Games in Malmö, Sweden.