Our Team

CEO Arto Käyhkö

Mr. Käyhkö has nearly 20 years of experience from international business and consulting operations. He`s a professional executive with focus on managing sales, marketing and consulting teams. He has gained industry experience from Mobile Games to Banking and from ICT to Investment Consulting from companies such as Google, Nokia, TeliaSonera and Pollen VC. He is also passionate about monetisation and funding questions and is frequently speaking about these topics at the game industry events.

CFO Maija Turunen

Maija is our Financial and admin professional and takes care of anything related with numbers such as our analyses, accounting and payments processes.

CoB Antti Hätinen

The founder and technical mastermind of Apprien. Antti is the driving force behind the engine that beats the competition and eases the stress of developers in managing pricing. Antti holds MSc both in Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences.

CTO Henri Niva

Henri is our CTO and the Lead Developer of Apprien. He makes sure that the pricing machine is easy to use, fail-safe and that the algorithms run correctly.