Apprien and PHZ Game Studios take Tampere by storm 🌪

Now it is official – we are in Tampere! You might have already heard rumours that the guys in the yellow hoodies a.k.a The Team Apprien has been checking the hoods in Tampere during this year. Yes, the rumours are once correct, and we are happy to announce that Apprien and PHZ Game Studios can be found from Platform6 at the Åkerlundinkatu 8 from now on! Our Founder Mr. Antti Hätinen described the decision to open the new office in Tampere, just like returning home. Mr. Hätinen, originally from Hyvinkää, has been studying in Tampere and knows well the digital roots of the vibrant city. “Tampere is perfect location for us, since as a university city it provides a lot of world class talent in the fields of IT and game development and due to it´s industrial history it has also a lot of business potential as well. “

At the beginning our teams will be represented by our Regional Business Manager Mr. Olli Ikonen and our Senior Developer Mr. Juuso Ansaharju, but note also that more people and positions are lurking just around the corner. Keep your ears and eyes open for our announcements for interesting positions and as usually “nuestra casa es su casa” – meaning that our door is always open for visiting and a cup of hot or cool drinks!

We will have official housewarming party by the end of this year if the COVID-19 situation allows social gatherings. More information about the party to our Tampere based customers and partners about the exact date and time is coming via separate message. Stay tuned for the Manse-party 😉