Faaaaaasssstttt developers 🏎 🏁

Last Friday the team Apprien and PHZ gathered to celebrate the “little Christmas party” as we call it in Finnish. The idea is to celebrate the upcoming Christmas holidays together with workmates. As we all know that coding and developing new might sometimes be frustratingly slow, we decided to have something that is definitely fast paced and action filled! We headed out to Karting Club Helsinki to have a race day!

Finland is know to be the fastest nation in the world: for a such small country we have numerous Formula 1, WRC- World Rally Cross and Motorcycles (MotoGP) champions in the history and I guess the gasoline is flowing in our veins still quite naturally. So no wonder that everybody were so excited and we had really fun afternoon! End results showed that Christian was the fastest at the qualifying session and also on the official race, but seeing the smiles after the race I think we all felt like winners internally…  Thanks for the organising team and lets see what we have next on our joint activities  – perhaps ski jumping, another Finnish national sport 🙃