Is App Store pricing going to change ?

Is Apple and Google surrendering the 30/70 split?

Since the dawn of the App Store, Apple and Google have adopted the 70/30 revenue share, with 70 per cent of sales going to developers and the rest going into the platform holders’ coffers.

More recently, Facebook Instant Games on Android adopts the same revenue share after Google Play’s, leaving developers with a minority share in revenue (49 per cent). Google and Apple have meanwhile already cut their revenue share for subscriptions after one year to 85/15.

Epic recently adopted an 88/12 revenue split on the Unreal Marketplace (though that deals with assets rather than apps and games).

But with mobile marketplaces making billions of dollars a year, and Apple now worth $1 trillion, is it time for a change to the terms?

Our contributing editor Jon Jordan recently said why he thinks the current model may be doomed. We thought we’d take the question to our Mobile Mavens, specifically asking: