Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference

The international Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference was held June 6-7 20223 at Nokia Arena Tampere, Finland. The event was a celebration of innovative thinking coming up to life in different kind of solutions. There were also excellent keynote speakers at the event and  cutting edge technology presented along with the latest digital solutions and services from all over the world. It was exciting to see all the forward-looking thinkers gathered under one roof!

The city of Tampere is pioneering as metaverse city and is looking companies to join in this project. “Tampere has taken the first steps towards a city that genuinely utilizes the possibilities of the metaverse. Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference this year featured many concrete examples of the metaverse’s potential for human-centric urban development.” That we wish our partners to co-create and share with us -” Teppo Rantanen, Deputy Mayor & Executive Director of Growth, Innovation and Competitiveness, City of Tampere.

All in all seems to us there is no worries: if there is a problem there is a solution and always a way to make things smarter. Apprien’s innovative dynamic pricing engine fit in with these other exquisite technologies and solutions perfectly. Also the atmosphere was warm and welcoming and it was nice to meet people and tell them all about Apprien and dynamic pricing.


Until next time!