Team Apprien mets the Ambassador of Estonia in Finland – Tere! 🇪🇪

The newly appointed Ambassador of Estonia to Finland Mr. Sven Sakkov hosted a breakfast seminar with Enterprise Estonia to promote the business possibilities between Finland and Estonia. The team Apprien CEO Mr. Arto Käyhkö was invited to participate the seminar and here are few take aways of the conversations of that interesting morning.

Estonia has suffered the COVID-19 situation as like all the other countries in the world, but due to the very flexible job markets and regulations the effect has been less severe than in other Nordic or Baltic countries. Of course the travel and leisure industry has taken the hit from the travel restrictions, but generally the economy has stayed pretty intact. Also, the Estonian corporate taxation is giving a lot of slack to the companies, since the surplus is not taxed, when held in the company and used for developing the business and not taken out as dividends.

Estonia is in forefront of the eGovernment and digitalisation. The eCitizenship is a fine way of starting your business operations in Estonia, since it gives you a possibility to make agreements, open bank account and get tax certifications in Estonia even from the comfort of your own coach! Estonia is also the amongst the first countries to widely use digital voting in national elections and blockchain solutions in payments. Tallinn Technical University and University of Tartto have also very interesting AI and Machine Learning research groups.

Apprien and PHZ have joint office in Tallinn and we are looking keenly to expand our operations in Estonia and looking for new local customers and partners and also we are happy to welcome applications from students and technology savvy developers and coders 😉

Estonia and Finland have excellent bilateral relationships both in politics and economy. The vivid commuting between the countries is also binding us tighter together, even so much, that Tallinn and Helsinki are called Talsinki or Hellinna depending on which side of the Baltic see you look at it – a true Twincity in deed !