Team Apprien visiting “Manse”

Team Apprien in Tampere 24.6.2020

On a hot summer day (+29 celsius) the Team Apprien and PHZ Game Studios Antti, Arto and Kim packed their laptops and suncream and shades and headed towards second largest city in Finland, Tampere. Or friendly Manse as we Finns call it. The nickname Manse actually comes from the industrial roots of the city of Tampere, referring to it`s better known fellow industrial city Manchester (UK).  Tampere was founded in 1779, on the river banks of Tammerkoski and was a vibrant industrial town for paper and pulp and wool manufacturing. Tampere is still largely known for its manufacturing industry, but also more and more for it`s top knots IT and digital companies, including game developers. We met few of them during the trip (Bon Games, Traplight, GreenerGrass, Kyy Games, 10Tons and Catland Studios) and discussed the latest on game development news and monetisation via IAP and other possible cooperation areas. And yes – we had some time to enjoy a cool pints at the famous Plevna Brewery and beer house in the old wool mill house of Finlayson 🍻