The Challenge and how to solve it

The Challenge of making revenue

  • Monetisation is more than just pricing – it should be viewed as a holistic approach in game design and how it should be benefitting making of money.
  • The elements are much more deeper in the game development than just setting IAP prices or advertisement layers: you need to consider what are players motivation, ability and willingness to spend and on what kind of tools you have to bespoke them.
  • Monetisations planning starts when you start developing the game and fitting the idea to your core audience needs and values.
  • Pricing is only one part of it – it is the understanding of what value you are creating and how much of it you release to your customers and how they see the value of it.
  • Remember – pricing is not guessing – it`s always should based on data and information that you have gathered from the testing and soft launch phase.