Way forward – the Northern style! Team Apprien in Oulu

The team Apprien representative, CEO Arto Käyhkö went to the land of never setting sun, in the Northern part of Finland, namely the city of Oulu to participate in the first Way Forward Forum organised by our dear friends from Fingersoft game studio (makers of the legendary Hill Climb Racing saga). Actually, this is not the first time such an event has been organised in Oulu, but the first time it held this name. The similar get together of gaming industry executives have been held in Fingersoft offices during their Blockparty celebrations for many years now. Blockparty had it’s 10 years marker now.

The speakers and organisers wanted to create a low key forum and event for game executives and experts to meet each others and share valuable knowledge and knowhow within the industry. Also, to collect all friends, partners and other stakeholders of Fingersoft to one place to actually see and spend some quality time face-to-face with each others. I think this was overwhelmingly achieved with the top notch catering of food, treats, sauna and drinks and also the superb line up of entertainers. Since the event is in Northern Finland, metal is must! The organisers had booked Lake Bodom tribute band to former metal icon from Finland Children of Bodom and also world famous Finnish dj Orkidea among others.

This event and gathering of the industry leaders is definitely the kickstart for the summer and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all organisers for the invite and excellent hosting!