Do you wonder what are Apprien and dynamic pricing?

First we need to define what we are talking about:

Games in general divides in three categories

  1. PC games (VR included)
  2. Console games (VR included)
  3. Mobile Games (VR / AR included)

Apprien operates in the segment of MOBILE GAMING which is also divided in three categories

  1. Freemium (F2P, Free to Play)
  2. Premium (pay to install)
  3. Subscription (i.e Hatch, the Netflix of games model)

Apprien operates in the segment of Freemium / F2P category.

Freemium games are usually monetized by IAP`s , advertisement and promoted content and Apprien operates with the IAP`s pricing.

Let´s face it – games are business and game makers and publishers needs to make money to make the ends meet. Monetization of freemium games is a constant challenge for both the developers and publishers and the situation is not getting easier… Apprien helps developers and publishers to boost the revenue of in app purchases (IAP) by applying dynamic pricing model to the games. By finding the optimal price point of all IAP`s we create at least 20-40% more revenue. This boost is considerable at the current market situation.

What is Dynamic Pricing?

Broad economics theory based definition of dynamic pricing is the practice of altering prices for goods or services in real-time without altering the goods or services (e.g. “just changing the price”). Different users, or possibly even the same user at different times, will see different prices for the same good or service. Consumers are more familiar with the terms like Airline pricing, Surge pricing, Auctions or real time bidding (RTB). So you see that prices change all the time, for a wide variety of reasons and business models. The concept of a “fixed price” that is stable and available to all buyers is currently exception, not the standard in e-commerce. These service has not been available for medium or small developers before, now things are changing and we at, Apprien are offering it to everybody in an automated and cost effective way – pricing as a service PAAS!